Welcome to BioBharati LifeScience (BBL) Private Limited Company

BioBharati LifeSciencePvt. Ltd (BBL) is R & D based Research Company dedicated for the development of indigenous research based manufacturing of sophisticated research reagents used in life science research dealing with human health and therapy. The company is operating from the present location of Kolkata Biotech Park from January 2013 and is using the facility of West Bengal Biotech Development Corporation Ltd., (a Govt. of West Bengal undertaking).

The activity of BBL is based on our indigenous R & D based research programme for manufacturing products. We have developed several Molecular Biological Research Reagents, Antibodies and Activated Agarose Beads for Protein/Antibody isolations and are engaged for broadening the scope. We are establishing ourselves as R & D based Manufacturing unit to substitute the costly imported foreign reagents and delivering it to scientists and researchers within very short notice. We are also providing quality custom research services for the need of scientists. Our products and services have already been appreciated by our users.

Innovation & Production at BBL:

Our activity is dependent on a dedicated team of Scientists and Technical Personalities having strong research experiences in international and national laboratories. A Strong tie up with the current international scientific research community is also helping us to take new challenges for problem solving and new product developments.

The current objective of BBL is to develop and produce research reagents having the international standards to substitute the vital imported reagents, applicable to promote research and applications in the allied areas of Life Science for health and biotechnology, operational in different Universities and Research Institutes.


We are also dedicated to provide Research Solution services for research programme conducted at the laboratories of Universities, Institutes and Private R & D Organizations. We have already achieved appreciation as a Contract Research Organization (C. R. O.) among various Universities and Institutes for rendering research solution services.  Universities and Institutes outsource research components of the original research projects to BBL to speed up their research work.

Quality Control : 

All our products conform to the international standard of product quality and always accompany with well-defined product specifications data sheet.

We have proved our worth by serving many professionals in Life Science research and we are constantly working to add new products in our catalogue. Our objective is to provide products and services having quality with good pricing, within a very short time. 

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