Activated Agarose Beads

Cat # BB-AG001A (5ml) 
Cat # BB- AG001B (10ml) 
Cat # BB- AG001C (25ml)

Bead Diameter: Spherical, 50 -150μm

Cross-Linked: Yes

Agarose %: 6%

Binding Capacity: 8-10 mg of protein/ml beads under optimum conditions.

Volume %: 50% (v/v) aqueous suspension with 20% Ethanol

Application: The aldehyde activated agarose beads allow the covalent binding of agarose to the amino groups of the chosen biomolecule (peptides, enzymes, antibodies etc.)

Introduction: BioBharati Activated Agarose Bead is aldehyde containing cross-linked agarose bead, which can be coupled with the side chain amino group of the lysine residue in any protein. The bead is also suitable for preparation of antibody-agarose affinity matrix through coupling with amine group in antibody Fc region. Such covalent coupling of protein/antibody makes the affinity matrix highly stable under a wide range of biochemical reaction conditions. BioBharati activated-agarose beads have coupling efficiency of 8-10 mg of protein (maximum) under optimum conditions. This aldehyde generated activated agarose bead is not suitable for coupling with sulphhydryl (-SH) group or hydroxyl (-OH) group.

Storage Temperature: 4°C

Expiry: After 18 months from receiving if proper storage condition is followed.


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