Anti-gamma Actin Antibody

Cat# BB-AB0025 100µl (100µg) 
Cat# BB-AB025S 25µl (25µg)

Clonality: Polyclonal

Host: Rabbit

Immunogen: Recombinant mouse γ-Actin.

Purification: Affinity chromatography.

Specificity: Detects γ-Actin expressed in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

Application: Western blotting, ELISA.

Recommended Dilution:

Western Blotting: 1:2000

ELISA: 1:1000                    

Storage buffer: Tris Buffer pH 7.4, containing 1% BSA & 50% Glycerol without azide.

Recommended Storage: -20°C.


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