Restriction Digestion

Restriction Digestion    Cat# BB-MTK040S (5 reactions) Cat# BB-MTK040 (10 reactions)  Principle: A restriction enzyme or restriction endonuclease, or restrictase is an enzyme that cleaves double stranded DNA into fragments at or near specific recognition sites within that DNA molecule. These enzymes are found in bacteria and archaea and provide defense mechanism against invading viruses. Over …

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Bacterial Transformation

Bacterial Transformation           Cat# BB-MTK030S (5reactions) Cat# BB-MTK030 (10 reactions)  Background and principle: By definition transformation is a process of genetic alteration in a bacterium associated with an uptake of a naked exogenous DNA. To uptake a naked DNA a bacterium must be in a special state called ‘competent’. Usually a bacterium is …

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Plasmid DNA isolation

Plasmid DNA isolation           Cat# BB-MTK020S (5 reactions) Cat# BB-MTK020 (10 reactions)    Introduction: Plasmids are self-replicating, double stranded, circular DNA molecules that are maintained in bacteria as independent extra chromosomal entities. The size of plasmid ranges from 1 Kbp to 500 Kbp Principle: Bacterial host grow in LB broth medium at recommended …

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PCR Teaching Kit

PCR Teaching kit          Cat# BB-MTK010S (5Reactions) Cat# BB-MTK010 (10Reactions)   Objectives: To perform PCR amplification of specific target sequence from template To analyze the amplified product by Agarose gel Principle: PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is an in vitro method of enzymatic synthesis of specific DNA sequence, developed by Kary Mullis in 1983. It …

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Radial Immunodiffusion

Radial Immunodiffusion          Cat No# BB-ITK010 (10 Reactions)   Objective: To study the immunodiffusion technique by Single Radial Immunodiffusion. Principle: Single Radial Immunodiffusion (RID) is used extensively for the quantitative estimation of antigens. The antigen antibody precipitation is made more sensitive by the incorporation of antiserum in the agarose. Antigen (Ag) is then …

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Antibody Capture ELISA Teaching Kit

Antibody Capture ELISA Teaching Kit      Cat# BB-ITK060 (4 Reactions)  Aim: To determine the antibody concentration by Antibody Captured ELISA. It involves the following experiments: Coating the wells with Blocking & Incubation with Primary and Secondary Detection. Principle: Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, commonly known as ELISA is a popular format of analytical biochemistry assay that …

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