Gene Expression Service by qPCR

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    Supply cDNA prepared from 1 µg of RNA in a 20 µL reaction. The amount of total cDNA to be provided will depend on the number of genes to be tested and will appear in the final quotation. The QC check of the supplied cDNA will be done at BBL by the expression of the housekeeping gene.

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    1. BBL is only liable for the generation of report containing the Ct value of the gene of interest(s) and the control gene (in triplicate).

    2. For determining the change of expression, (up-regulation or down-regulation with respect to fold changes in comparison with the housekeeping gene), charges will be extra.

    3. If the customer will not provide the cDNA, the RNA isolation and cDNA preparation charges will be extra.

    4. Control housekeeping gene will be treated as one gene

    5. Since this service involves procurement of several expensive reagents the customer is expected to pay 25% of the quoted price of the project in advance and the rest within 15 days of receiving the finished data.


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