Catalogue No. Quantity/Specifications
Cat # BB-AB0245 100 µl (100 µg)


Anti-Caspase 9 Antibody


Anti-Caspase 9 Antibody

Product type:  Primary Antibody
Clonality:         Polyclonal
Source:             Rabbit
Immunogen:    Synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acid residues around 305 of human caspase-9 with C terminal added cysteine residue conjugated to KLH
Description: Caspase-9 is an initiator caspase, encoded by the CASP9 gene. It has been linked to the mitochondrial death pathway. They mainly regulate programmed cell death (apoptosis) signaling. Caspase 9 is activated during apoptosis. It is activated by the apoptosome complex and initiates apoptosis via the mitochondrial route. Anti-Caspase 9 specifically recognizes the pro-form and the active cleaved form of human Caspase 9, but cross-reactivity has also been observed in rats.
Purification: Purified against peptide affinity chromatography.
Specificity: This antibody detects cleaved fragment of caspase-9 around ~35 KDa in Hek293 and RAW cell line. The antibody may also detect 45 KDa procaspase 9 while using fresh cell line.
Recommended Dilutions:
Western Blotting 1:2000

Storage buffer: Tris Buffer pH 7.4, containing 50% Glycerol without azide.
Storage instructions: Store at -20°C (Recommended).

*N. B. (Membrane blocking): One hr at RT in 5% (w/v) non-fat milk; (Primary Ab): Overnight at 4°C in 1% non-fat milk; (Secondary Ab): One hr at RT in 1% non-fat milk. All incubations and washings are in 1X TBS, 0.1% Tween-20.
Exp. Date: 18 months upon receiving at proper storage condition as mentioned in datasheet.