Catalogue No. Quantity/Specifications
Cat: # BB-PIK50 50 preps


BBL Mini Plasmid Isolation Kit Spin Column


BBL Mini Plasmid Isolation Kit Spin Column

BBL-Mini Plasmid Isolation Kit is a spin column based kit which is basically based on silica membrane purification technology.

The silica membrane in presence of chaotropic agent under low pH efficiently adsorbs DNA which can be easily eluted in neutral pH (~8.0).

This kit can efficiently extract and purify plasmid DNA from bacteria. The purified plasmid DNA is suitable for basic molecular biology techniques like restriction digestion, PCR amplification, sequencing etc.

Kit Contents:                 # BB-PIK50 (50 preps)
Suspension Buffer:         15 ml
Lysis Buffer:                     15 ml
Neutralization Buffer:     20 ml
Wash Buffer 1:                18 ml
Wash Buffer 2:                15 ml
Elution Buffer:                 15 ml
RNase A:                          150 µl
Spin Column:                   50 nos
Collection tubes:             50 nos

BBL Mini Plasmid Isolation Kit (# BB-PIK50) is stable for 12 months if stored properly in dry place at room temperature (RT, 20°C – 25°C) not exposed to sunlight.