Catalogue No. Quantity/Specifications
Cat # BB-PAG001A 0.5 ml Packed Bead Volume
Cat # BB- PAG001B 1 ml Packed Bead Volume
Cat # BB- PAG001C 2 ml Packed Bead Volume
Cat # BB- PAG001D 5 ml Packed Bead Volume
Cat # BB- PAG001E 10 ml Packed Bead Volume


Protein AG Agarose


Protein AG Agarose

Protein AG has high affinity regions that are specifically bonded to the Fc region of the Immunoglobulins. Protein AG is not as pH-dependent as Protein A alone, but otherwise has the additive properties of Protein A and G. Protein AG binds to all human IgG subclasses, making it the ideal choice for purification of polyclonal or monoclonal IgG antibodies whose subclass identities have not been determined.
Protein AG Agarose resin consists of Recombinant Protein AG (<5 mg Protein AG/ ml resin) covalently bound to cross-linked activated agarose beads. It provides a very stable bond that can greatly minimize leakage of the Protein AG allowing for reuse of the affinity resin in several purification steps. The resin works well in batch or column purifications.
⇒ Antibody binding efficiency was tested, as high as almost 10 mg per ml of Protein AG Agarose Resin.
This product is supplied as 50% suspension of Protein AG Agarose Resin in aqueous ethanol when packed, and the settled bead volume is X mL.

BEAD GEOMETRY & SIZE : Spherical, ≈ 50 – 150 μm diameter
CROSSLINKED :                                        Yes
BEAD CROSSLINKING % :                       6%
ACTIVATING GROUP :                             Carbonyl
MATRIX STABILITY :                               Stable in all commonly used reagents
STORAGE SOLUTION :                            20% aqueous ethanol
STORAGE TEMPERATURE :                    4°C to 8°C.  DO NOT FREEZE.