Anti-GFP IgG Agarose Beads

Cat # BB-GF002A (100µl) 
Cat # BB-GF002B (250µl)

Bead Diameter: Spherical, 50 -150μm

Cross-Linked: Yes

Ligand: Rabbit anti-GFP IgG

Agarose %: 6%

Coupled Ligand Quantity: ~2 mg protein per ml of resin

Binding Capacity: ~1mg GFP protein/ml Beads

Volume %: 50% (v/v) aqueous suspension containing 20% Ethanol

Application: Immunoprecipitation (IP), Purification of GFP tagged protein.

Introduction: Anti-GFP antibody is the tool for detection/isolation of GFP-tagged proteins by different immunological techniques. This antibody is produced in rabbit by repeated injections of Immunogen.

Storage Temperature: 4°C

Expiry: After18 months from receiving if proper storage condition is followed.


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