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    Condition 1:
    BBL will raise the antibody from your supplied:

    i) Purity of the protein (required)

    ii) Amount of the provided protein (mention the concentration)
    *We need ~5 mg of purified protein for the immunization step
    If customer will opt for true affinity purified antibody, an additional 5 mg antigen is required.

    i) Amino acid sequence of the peptide

    ii) Purity of the peptide

    iii) Amount of the supplied peptide

    *We need ~10 mg of synthesized peptide for immunization and purification process.

    Condition 2:
    BBL will raise the antibody from your supplied clone. Please share the following:
    i) Plasmid details
    a) Size
    b) Antibiotic selection
    c) Restriction enzymes at which insert has been cloned
    d) Amount of the provided plasmid (mention the concentration)
    ii) DNA Sequencing Data
    iii) Expression Optimization Data

    Condition 3:
    BBL will make the clone for antibody generation.

    Please fill up the Clone Generation Form - Click Here

    BBL is only liable for the specificity of the antibody evaluated by ELISA / WB using recombinant protein or peptide used for immunization. That is, ELISA / WB result will be used to determine if the service is completed successfully. Other experiments like IHC, Chip assay or Western blot with cell extract will not be done by BBL. We are responsible for the quality and quantity of Antigen to evoke the immunogenicity (Conditions 2 and 3) and are responsible for the effective affinity purification of the raised Ab. Since this service involves procurement of several expensive reagents the customer is expected to pay 25% of the quoted price of the project in advance and the rest within 15 days of receiving the finished product. If the result is unsatisfactory, the customer will only be responsible for the advance payment. This is exclusively a service provided by BBL to a customer, and BBL will not be selling any products developed from this project.


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