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    1. BBL is only liable for the generation of recombinant clone with proper sequence in correct frame. Other experiments like protein expression, reporter assay or activity assay will not be done by BBL. We are only responsible for delivering the correct clone which will be checked by Sanger sequencing (at N terminal end only).

    2. Construct(s) generated through Gene synthesis or sub cloning will not be cross checked by Sanger sequencing. If customer requires the Sanger sequencing it will be charged additionally.

    3. In case of sub-cloning or site directed mutagenesis service, we need the sequencing data of the recombinant construct from which BBL will initiate the experiment. If the sequencing data is not provided by the customer we will sequence the vector before experiment initiation and charge for the sequencing.

    4. Since this service involves procurement of several expensive reagents the customer is expected to pay 25% of the quoted price of the project in advance and the rest within 15 days of receiving the finished product. If BBL unable to deliver the correct clone, the customer will only be responsible for the advance payment. This is exclusively a service provided by BBL to a customer, and BBL will not be selling any products developed from this project.


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