Customer Feedback

“I am very satisfied with the BBL reagents we have used so far.”
Mr. Xuh Liang; Student of Prof. David Wallach; Weizmann Institute of Science,
Jerusalem, Israel
“I am very satisfied with the BBL reagent cDNA synthesis Kit we have used so far.”
Dr. Shilpak Chatterjee, CSIR-IICB,
“I used several BBL reagents like Antibodies, Beads, Taq DNA Polymerase Kits and done services like Custom antibodies all of them worked well"
Dr. Arindam Mondal, IIT-Kharagpur,
“I used several Bio Bharati Life Science reagents like Antibodies, Kits and done services like Gene Synthesis, Cloning Protein Expression & Purification etc. They are cheaper and the customer service is excellent.”
Dr. Gaurab Sircar, Visva-Bharati,
“I used high-quality and cheap Ni-beads from BBL. It worked very well. Hope to get their reagents again when shipping gets normal.”
acky Ngo; Professor;
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
“My lab ordered over 20-BBL items via a US company. They all worked, and the price is half as that of other US vendors. We will order again.”
Tapas Hazra, Professor; University of Texas,
''I used BBL Anti HIS Antibody for a long time.The good quality with cheap price.''
Prof. Rajkumar P Thummer, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati;
''I have repeatedly used BBL service (Custom antibody) and Anti GFP IgG Agarose Bead over the last several years.''
Prof. Saikat Bhattacharjee, Regional Centre for Biotechnology,
“Most a-His antibody my lab tested failed. Then I found the BBL antibody. It worked well. Their Ni-beads and RT kit also worked well.”
Simpson Joseph; Professor;
UC San Diego
“Our lab has used about 20 BBL antibodies including His, Flag, Ubiquitin, Myc, GFP, GST, p50, p100, Tubulin, Actin, IkappaBB Kinase (IKK), NEMO, IkappaB (IkB), Bcl3, PNKP, p62 and REG (proteosome regulatory subunit); RT-PCR kit, DNA isolation kit, protein A and A/G, Streptavidin-, GST- and Ni-agarose beads, streptavidin beads, protein and DNA MW standards. They all worked. We are all very pleased with these reagents. They are cheap too!”
Shandy Shahabi; Graduate Student; University of California,
“I ordered a bunch of BBL reagents when I started my lab at U. Macau, China. They are cheaper and work well. I will order again when the opportunity comes.”
Vivien Wang; Associate Professor; University of Macau,
“I used several BBL reagents and am pleased with the quality. I will use them again when shipping gets easier.”
Mike Fernandez; Graduate Student; City of Hope,
“I am looking forward to being able to buy BBL reagents through a U.S.-based distributor”
Tom Huxford; Professor; San Diego State University,
''I used BBL cDNA Kit for a long time.They are good quality and cheap price as compare with others MNC company.''
Dr. Vivekanandan Perumal, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi,
''I used several BBL Enzymes including cDNA Kit, Taq DNA Polymerase and Mini Plasmid kit.They are good quality and cheap price.''
Prof. Amirul Islam Mallick, IISER Kolkata;


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