GFP Nanobody Agarose Beads

Cat # BB-GNA01A (100µl) 
Cat # BB-GNA01B (250µl)

Bead Diameter:
Spherical, 50 -150μm

Cross-Linked: Yes

Ligand: Rabbit anti-GFP IgG

Agarose %: 6%

Coupled Ligand Quantity: ~2 mg GFP Nanobody per ml of resin

Binding Capacity: ~1mg GFP protein/ml Beads

Volume %: 50% (v/v) aqueous suspension containing 20% Ethanol

Application: Immunoprecipitation (IP), GFP tagged protein purification

Introduction: GFP Nanobody, a next generation antibody is a single domain antibody (sdAb) reserving only one single antigen-recognizing domain from camelid heavy chain antibody. With size of only ~ 15 kDa, this nanobody displays numerous advantages over conventional antibodies, such as higher tissue penetration capability, more accessibility to hidden epitopes, higher thermal stability, pH resistance, solubility (aggregation avoidance) and binding affinity. Anti-GFP nanobody beads are agarose beads covalently coupled with GFP nanobodies with high specificity and affinity for GFP. These beads can efficiently capture and separate GFP and GFP tagged proteins from cell extract and other samples.

Storage Temperature: 4°C

Expiry: After 12 months from receiving if proper storage condition is followed. 


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